IntraSoft ERP Software Solution helps manufacturers or traders from small businesses to mid size enterprises. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions and an Impact interface puts all of this at your fingertips when and where you want it.

Packed with powerful features, is extremely easy to implement and use, comprehensive in its scope, modular and flexible, fully customizable, totally secure and incredibly robust.

Our Services include: CRM Software Solutions, ERP Software Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Complaint Managment Service, Enterprise Business, ERP Software India, Manufacturing ERP Software, ERP accounting software, Small Business ERP software, HRM, Inventory ERP Software Solutions mumbai, India.

The major advantages derived from INTRASOFT-ERP

  1. Maintains Complete Database of Client, Vendor and Employee Contact Details
  2. Provide Timely Reminders for Product Expriry Date/ Product min or max
  3. In complaint managemnt software - Routine Services alert / Renewals alerts/ Payment followup datewise / AMC Expiration notice and Lead followup ..etc
  4. Allocation Manager to allocate sales order as per client priotity
  5. Multiple location - Inventory Management with Barcode  (Multi-location)
  6. Bulk SMS Messaging / Mass Emailing Facility
  7. Cost Center Report
  8. Log Report  as per Engineers wise/Customer Wise 
  9. Export All Reports in PDF format / excel format
  10. Create Task / Reminder of yourself or for other 
  11. 3 level of approval for Direct Sales Order/ Purchase order / Pretty cash/Dispatch Challan / Good Receipt
  12. Quality Checkpoints
  13. Incentive Module - Piece Wise/Value wsie - incentive as per payment received and incentive deduction if payment not receive on time

list of softwares : Full ERP Software / Accouting Software / Inventory Software / Accounts with Inventory + Barcode Software / Hr & Payroll Software
/ CRM Software / Export & Import Software ..can be customised according to the client requirement and budget..


User Rights Module
Procurement / Purchase Module
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Stock Management Module
Complaint Management (CMS)
Export – Import Documentation
HR & Payroll Software
Accounts Software
Production & Job Work

User Rights Module  

-->   Multiple Location facility
-->   Multiple Person Reporting facility
-->   Different User ID for Different Location
-->   User can have Different Permission level for each module
-->   Page-wise right – edit / delete / viewing facility  

Procurement / Purchase Module

Procurement consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its Product/Inventory with its current and upcoming requirment. It Includes centralizing the purchasing function, enabling buyers with self-service purchasing tools, and putting spend analytics at your fingertips. Receiving stock Requistion from different Stores, deprtment or warehouse, analysising combing actuall trquirment, sending direct new/fresh rate enquiry to vendors, comparing rates and issuing Purchase order as per requirment..

Direct Purchase Order

   Maintains complete catalog of products, vendors list, organization name, billing addresses, tax rates and shipping addresses
   Rate fitting option present after receiving the quote from the Vendors
   Issues purchase orders with proper schedules of payment and delivery
   3 level Approval for Create Direct Purchase Order.

Enquiry / Stock Requisition from Different Warehouse

   Receiving Enquiry or Requisition from difference warehouse  
   Managing Inquiry for the rates with multiple Vendors
   Bulk mailing options to post inquiry to the Vendors for acquiring the rates
   Rate fitting option present after receiving the quote from the Vendors
   Grouping of the items requested by different warehouse and generating single enquiry
   Revision of the Item rate as per the schedule
   Good Receive Note (GRN) with Barcode  
   Facility for Inspection [Ok Good or Rejected]

    Purchase Order Report
   Good Received Report
    Provides information on outstanding/pending orders and completed ones
    Rate Compare
    Purchase Return
    Payment Report


CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an industry term for software solutions that help enterprise businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers  - We provide innovative, budget-tailored CRM. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping satisfied customers.   It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers.  In today’s world the customer is, the one who makes the difference between a companies success or failure. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM. After all, it’s all about the customer.

Successful CRM involves many different areas of your company, starting with sales, of course. But also various other customer-facing areas, like marketing and customer service. We offers a technology solution for all those areas… CRM is a comprehensive way to manage the relationship with your customers for long-lasting and mutual benefit. Modern CRM systems enable you to capture information surrounding customer interactions and integrate it with every customer-related function and data point.CRM can mean increased customer loyalty and profitability. On the plus side, customers with successful CRM systems report higher profits; lower costs to attract and retain customers; greater customer loyalty; and smoother, more streamlined workflows. Specific benefits include:

   Enquiry management for Cold calling, Actual enquiry or Tender
   Facility to attach images, specifications and technical drawings for clear understanding
   Assign, qualify and convert leads
   Maintain multiple item categories and groups and multiple units of items for easy allocation, grouping and  differentiation of materials
   Schedule calls and meetings with prospects.
   Maintains Customer details with all contact information.
   Mass emails to Customers (according to the product-wise or industry-wise)
   Creates Quotation for the Customers with separate ITC charges, service charges, TAX individual Product wise  or Overall on all product…also same for  discount,  overall or  pc wise discount .
     This way we generate 3  different type of quotation format. Raise quotations and send them to prospects
   Sales order management
   Sets Customer status as Active/Inactive
   Alerts for Notifications/Tasks expiration.
   Multiple Sales Invoice / Running Bill Facility. 
   Sales Order Link with Complaint Management and Account
   Incentive Module – Pcs wise / Value Wise
   Payment Follow-up   Schedule / Reminder
   Direct Sales Order or 3 Level of Approval for Sales Order creation
   Petty Cash/ Expenditure link with Sales Task filling form  
   3 level of Approval for Petty Cash/ Expenditure

   Inquiry register
   Open Inquiries (By Salesman, Customer, Category, Product category, Product, Sale stage)
   Action to be taken (By Customer, Action to be taken, Date, Salesman)
   Action taken (By Customer, Action taken, Date, Salesman)
   Lost inquiry analysis
   Quotation with 3 formats
   Orders received
   Performa Invoice
   Delivery Challan 
   Running Invoice
   Final Invoice
   Incentive Report Piece wise/ Valve wise, also depending upon payment received



Stock Management Module

   Manage multiple location warehouse transfers and tracks movements among them with accurate stock evaluation
   Opening stock Management
   Multiple Ware house creation
   Stock Management with Physical count as well as Software.
   Stock Inward and Outward maintenance
   Warehouse Stock Transfer
   Sales Return order been created.
   Return to Voucher (RTV) is been made to amend Sales order return directly after D. C. Return.
   Creation of Purchase order (Directly / Requisition)
   Creation of Good Receive Note (GRN)
   Creation of Sales Order
   Creating Delivery Chillan and Invoice

   Stock Report (Date wise / Complete/ Warehouse/ Product).
   Stock Transfer report
   Barcode Report
   Maintains stock journals, inward and outward registers
   Keeps record of goods issued, received and inspected  
   Stock Valuation
   Stock Reorder Level


CMS Software or Complaint Management Software is used to manage complaints received from customers and associated partners. The purpose of it is to track every communication, action and outcome relating to the complaint into one central area. This means that all complaints are captured and that none are lost. Its important that each and every complaint is handled in a consistent manner throughout the interaction cycle in real time. The software enables staff to have all records at their disposal whenever a customer communicates with them.

CMS consists of the processes a company uses to Recording, tracking and resolving the causes of customer complaints is a critical part of any organisation?s quality management process. Whenever a customer hands you a complaint, he's also handing you an opportunity to create a stronger and more profitable relationship with him. That's because complaints that are handled properly can be converted into increased loyalty and more business.

Our Complain Management System provides a centralised & easy-to-use interface for Complaint Register, Creating Task, Creating AMC Quotation, AMC Reminders Allot Enquiry/Complaint/ Installation / Routine calls, create Work order, View Complaint List, Check Product in AMC, Request for Replace/New Part and Calculating Cost center (customer wise).

Capture all the Customer calls related to After Sales Service :-

   Complaint Management for New customer - Warranty/AMC/One Time (comprehensive
   Installation / Complaint / Routine follow up - alert to allocation manager
   Alerts for Warranty/Contract expiration.
   Auto generation of AMC proposals
   Manages Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) details
   Manage / Complaint calls till the time they are resolved
   Defines Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) under AMC.
   Checks skills of a service Engineer before assigning a call.
   Maintains a log of actions taken by the service Engineer and also calculates call costs
   Tracks Service calls based on its closure
   Task create by Service Team and Manager 
   Keeps track of equipments brought in for repairs and replacement
   Tracks number of stand by equipments at clients premises
   Sends alerts or emails to higher authorities  

  Customer Report.
  Call Reports.
  Contract Renewal Report.
  Payment Collection Report.
  Service invoice register 
  Engineer Performance Sheet.
  Comprehensive AMC / Non-comprehensive AMC report / Onetime Service Report
  Cost Center customer / Order Wise
  Monthly, By monthly, Half yearly , yearly service for Runtinee Services
  Customer feedback analysis
  Service person - Work history


Export – Import Documentation
The Documentation required for Customs, Central Excise, DGFT, RBI & Banks has to be incorporated in the Software.

Merging intelligence with Exports/Imports
Management of export/import business is tremendously elaborate task that requres a dedicated and a carefully designed system for controlling and absording various requirment. To revolutionize the management of your exports business, We at Intraweb Solutions present EximIntraSoft. As this is a web applicatin we know the secutify of that and information, we have taken care at every stage and given permission and IP address tracker so that the user cannot open the softare from any place. Also maintaning the history of every user and at any point admin can block any user down the line.

This exceptionally flexible product effectively manages your business right from the Inquiry stage to Payment realization stage. The facility of generating various MIS Reports keeps you in control of the organization’s performance. It can be easily integrated with most of the popular accounting softwares by export and import of data.

Our Software systemizes the management of licenses and documents, catering to every minutest of detail involved in the procedures of export. It takes care of online applications, license details against export invoices, duty drawbacks claim against exports Invoices and prints various documents such as Invoice, Packing list, Shipping bill, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Commercial Packing List, Bank Realization Certificate, Bills of Exchange and so on in standard formats.


EximIntrasoft is an exceptionally flexible product that effectively manages your business right from the Inquiry stage to Payment realization stage. It can be easily integrated with Tally accounting software by export and import of data. Its unique features like LC expiry alarming, faxing and emailing of documents, messaging and chatting through LAN network have proven extremely useful to organizations.
Following is a list of its significant features:
Manages Export from Inquiry Received to Payment Realized
Provides data entry screens that look similar to the actual documents
Provides user defined Reports
Provides user defined Packing List
State of the art and user friendly interface format
Facility of e-mailing and faxing of documents
Creates item master with images of the item
Creates user defined letters
Enables export of data to Tally Accounting Software
Provides checklist of documents required
DEPB / DFRC / DEEC / DRBK License and Incentive management under one roof

 Pre Shipment Documents :-

Post Shipment Documents :-

Excise Documents :- EDI Shipping Bills :-
  1. Cost Sheet
  2. Order Acceptance
  3. Proforma Invoice
  4. Invoice
  5. Packing lists (5 types)
  6. Special customs Invoice
  7. Drafts bill of Lading
  8. Form SDF
  9. Certificate of Origin (7 Chambers)
  10. GSP Certificate
  11. Marine Insurance Declaration
  12. Shipping Instructions
  13. Shipment Advice
  14. Intimation for Inspection
  15. Certificate for Inspection
  16. Certificate of Health
  17. Certificate of Analysis
  1. Bank Invoice
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Commercial packing List
  4. Bank Certificate – Horizontal format (Form No. 1)
  5. Bank Certificate – Vertical Format (Form No. 1)
  6. Letter to bank for Collection/Negotiation
  7. Bills of Exchange
  8. Cost Sheet
  1. AREI
  2. Form C
  3. Form CTI
  4. Proof of exports
  1. Annexure A
  2. Annexure B
  3. Annexure C
  4. Annexure D DEPB Declaration
  5. DEPB / DEEC / DBK documents

- Appendix 10 A - DBK application 
- Appendix 10 B - Advance license application
- Appendix 10 C - DEPB application
- Appendix 10D - DFRC application 




Reports :-



  1. Export Register
  2. Consignee wise Exports
  3. Country wise Exports
  4. Item wise Exports
  5. Pending Order details
  6. LC Register


HR and Payroll Software

software has become important for all business organizations regardless of the fact if they are big corporate entities or fall in the category of a small business. There have been a number of reasons for this increase in popularity of Human Resource Payroll software. The sheer number of employees in some cases becomes a reason enough that a Human Resource Payroll software has to be implemented. Moreover, wage calculation is becoming more and more complex due to a number of clauses and regulations introduced by federal as well as state governments. Here is a list of some of the most popular Human Resource payroll software that you can choose from.

Payroll process in easy steps and quite in-depth and capable of handling any kind of complicated conditions. TDS calculation very accurate and compliance with the statutory requirements. It calculates increments, arrears. All Payroll and Statutory reports like salary slip, salary register, IT Estimation report, Form 16, e-Form 24 Q, PF / PT / ESIC related reports etc. can also be generated.

The Overall Benefits of Our Program should have

   Complete employee management
   Keep records of all employee designations, grades and organization level, joining date, reporting structure, salary, confirmation dates, etc
   Evaluates employees’ performance on timely basis and helps in performance management and appraisal system with automated and accurate calculations.
   Maintains list of trainees, probationers and confirmed employee list as well as list of promoted and to be  promoted employees
   Maintains salary payment details of each employee such as payment mode, bank name, bank account  number, PAN no. multiple salary applicable, O.T. and external incentives  applicable,etc
   Allows employee data exchange to and from various locations
  Attendance Management - Monitors complete data of employee attendance status including full leave, half absent, half leave, weekly off, compensatory off etc
  Creates and manages shift timings, attendance, shift scheduling and shift change
  Maintains master file of every employee’s attendance data as well as keeps monthly records  for calculating total working hours for payroll processing.
  Maintains employee wise loan balance along with the loan type, amount and application ID.
  Defines Leave Master for  maximum number of leaves allowed, carried- forward leaves, paid/unpaid leaves and other leave facilities.
  Maintains records of required documents of each loan with loan disbursement date and amount.
  Generate all the reports related to PF, PT, ESI, TDS and LWF
  Facility to view statements and challans in print friendly PDF formats
  Records PF account number and contribution of employee and employer
  Records tax slabs for professional tax of each employee
  Maintain ESI challan and Income tax registers
  Maintain records of TDS deduction and contribution for each employee towards LWF
   Earnings and Deduction - Create earnings/deduction/perquisite head as per the company policy. Retrospective effect of earning and deduction for calculation of arrears.
  Configure leaves as per company policy. Carry-forward and accumulate leaves across calendar or financial year.
  Create multiple loans and automation loan deductions heads.
  Grade wise salary structure (earnings and deductions.)


HR & Payroll Software


  • User Master
  •  Leaving Reason Master
  •  Status Master
  •  Individual No Series
  •  Designation Master
  •  Grade Master
  •  Department Master
  •  Location Master
  •  Country Master
  •  State Master
  •  City Master
  •  Leave Encashment Master
  •  Shift Master
  •  Driver OT Master
  •  Attendance Master
  •  Driver Attendance
  •  Group Creation
  •  Sub Group
  •  Ledger Creation
  •  Sub Ledger Creation
  •  Cash/Bank
  •  Bank Reconciliation

Advance & Damage

Advance Request
Advance Payments
Pay Advance Amount

Damage Pay
Pay Damage Amount

Leave Entry
Leave Encashment

Payroll Master
  • Salary Slab Master
  • ESIC Master
  • PF Master
  • PF Admin Charges
  • Professional Tax Master
  • TDS Tax Slabs Master
  • Assesment Year Master
  • Add Initial Investment
  • Exempted Amount Master
  • TDS Print Details
  • Calculate Payroll
  • Pay Salary
  • Calculate Bonus
ESIC Monthly Challan
Esic Challan Report
Esic From 6 Edit
Esic From 6 Report

PF Challan
PF Challan Report
Form 3A Revised
Form 12A Revised
Form No 5
Form 12A Report
Form 3A Report
Form 5 Report
Form No-3A-12AReport
TDS Monthly Challan
TDS Challan Report
Form16 Edit

  • Pay slip Report
  •  Leaves Report
  •  Advance Summary
  •  Damage Summery
  •  Monthly Payment Register Report
  •  Leaves Encashment Report
  •  Pf And Esi Register
  •  TDS And EDU_CESS Register
  •  Individuals Report
  •  Non Eligible Leave Report
  •  Date Of Birth Report
  •  Bank Reco report
  •  PT Register
  •  PF Esi Report
  •  Bank Payment Voucher
  •  Bonus/Leave Encashment Voucher
  •  Increment Report


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Accounts Software
Customized for business and trading houses

Accounts module is the central module of the program which receives data from all other modules to give you the final reports about your business at the touch of a button. The whole process of keeping the accounts is highly simplified for the user. All updations in accounts are made automatically. The sales, purchase, returns and other transactions are entered in the account once invoices / memos are made. The changes in vouchers, bills, memos can be made any time and the changes are made in account books automatically. All the entries in ledger can be reposted in the ledger after deleting the ledger, if the need ever arises.

Customer and supplier account heads are set up automatically when the first transaction is made. Other account heads can be created separately under one of the following categories : Asset, Liability, Income, Expenditure. Account heads can be grouped together using control accounts.

The voucher entry system is very efficient where all types of voucher can be entered from one single entry form. Narrations are included automatically if payment against purchase or receipt against sales is made along with the Amt, Nos. of invoices. Also any numbers of narrations can be set up separately.

The module produces Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Trading and Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet. The closing of financial year automatically carry forward all the balances along with the profit and loss. The accheads, customer, products and supplier information is also carried forward to new year automatically. All data of previous year remains intact. You can review the sales, purchase or any other information of previous year even after closing the year.

  Facilitates preparation of statements such as trial Balance / trading account / PL accounts / Balance Sheet in
   accordance with legitimate Act
  Manages outstanding accounts receivable and payable along with ageing analysis and debit/credit notes
  Supports all cash and Bank transactions:  receipt, payment, withdrawal, deposit and transfer
  Can configure unlimited number of accounts, account groups, assets categories and vouchers with
   auto/manual numbering
  Creates periodic statement automatically
  Sends account reports and invoices to customer’s billing address or e-mail address
  Provision for retained earnings and pending amounts in adjustment entries
  Bank and Ledger reconciliation
  Facility for cherub printing, bank pay-in slip generation, voucher generation, automatic generation of invoice
    from vouchers, etc.

   Day Book Report                                                                   Outstanding Report
  Audit Report                                                                           Cash Bank Report
  Journal Voucher Report                                                           Sale Report
  Purchase Report                                                                     DR/CR Report
  Ledger & Sub Ledger Report                                                   Vat Report
  Bank Reconsilation Report                                                       Minutes Of Meeting Report
  TDS Challan Report                                                                  Balance-sheet (group)
  Voucher Head Wise Report                                                      Employee Wise Report
  Day Book (Cash/Bank)                                                             Profit & loss A/C
  Balance Sheet Report


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Production and Job work

Production Management

BOM for finished products
Raw Material Management
Production Forcasting
Deptment Wise Product Manufacturing
Inspection each stage (Qaulity Check)
Barcode Printing with company Name & Sr.No
Batch Creation
Matrial Requsition
Material Recipt


Job Work
Create Process for Job work
Vender Allocation for Job work
Issue Job work
Inward – Outward Management
Direct bill generation from pending challans of job work
Inward – Outward Stock Register


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