HR and Payroll Software

IntraHRSoft software has become important for all business organizations regardless of the fact if they are big corporate entities or fall in the category of a small business. There have been a number of reasons for this increase in popularity of Human Resource Payroll software. The sheer number of employees in some cases becomes a reason enough that a Human Resource Payroll software has to be implemented. Moreover, wage calculation is becoming more and more complex due to a number of clauses and regulations introduced by federal as well as state governments. Here is a list of some of the most popular Human Resource payroll software that you can choose from.

Payroll process in easy steps and quite in-depth and capable of handling any kind of complicated conditions. TDS calculation very accurate and compliance with the statutory requirements. It calculates increments, arrears. All Payroll and Statutory reports like salary slip, salary register, IT Estimation report, Form 16, e-Form 24 Q, PF / PT / ESIC related reports etc. can also be generated.

The Overall Benefits of Our Program should have

  • Earnings and Deduction
  • -Create earnings/deduction/perquisite head as per the company policy. Retrospective effect of earning and deduction for calculation of arrears.

  • Leaves
  • -Configure leaves as per company policy. Carry-forward and accumulate leaves across calendar or financial year.

  • Loans
  • -Create multiple loans and automation loan deductions heads.

  • Grade
  • -Grade wise salary structure (earnings and deductions.)

List of other softwares : Full ERP Software / Accouting Software / Inventory Software / Accounts with Inventory + Barcode Software / Hr & Payroll Software
/ CRM Software / Complaint Management Software (CMS) /Export & Import Software ..can be customised according to the client requirement and budget..
HR & Payroll Software


  • User Master
  •  Leaving Reason Master
  •  Status Master
  •  Individual No Series
  •  Designation Master
  •  Grade Master
  •  Department Master
  •  Location Master
  •  Country Master
  •  State Master
  •  City Master
  •  Leave Encashment Master
  •  Shift Master
  •  Driver OT Master
  •  Attendance Master
  •  Driver Attendance
  •  Group Creation
  •  Sub Group
  •  Ledger Creation
  •  Sub Ledger Creation
  •  Cash/Bank
  •  Bank Reconciliation

Advance & Damage

Advance Request
Advance Payments
Pay Advance Amount

Damage Pay
Pay Damage Amount

Leave Entry
Leave Encashment

Payroll Master
  • Salary Slab Master
  • ESIC Master
  • PF Master
  • PF Admin Charges
  • Professional Tax Master
  • TDS Tax Slabs Master
  • Assesment Year Master
  • Add Initial Investment
  • Exempted Amount Master
  • TDS Print Details
  • Calculate Payroll
  • Pay Salary
  • Calculate Bonus
ESIC Monthly Challan
Esic Challan Report
Esic From 6 Edit
Esic From 6 Report
PF Challan
PF Challan Report
Form 3A Revised
Form 12A Revised
Form No 5
Form 12A Report
Form 3A Report
Form 5 Report
Form No-3A-12AReport
TDS Monthly Challan
TDS Challan Report
Form16 Edit

  • Pay slip Report
  •  Leaves Report
  •  Advance Summary
  •  Damage Summery
  •  Monthly Payment Register Report
  •  Leaves Encashment Report
  •  Pf And Esi Register
  •  TDS And EDU_CESS Register
  •  Individuals Report
  •  Non Eligible Leave Report
  •  Date Of Birth Report
  •  Bank Reco report
  •  PT Register
  •  PF Esi Report
  •  Bank Payment Voucher
  •  Bonus/Leave Encashment Voucher
  •  Increment Report

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A tailored approach

We recognize that your company's uniqueness is its competitive edge and we understand that there is no perfect single industry or vertical solution. Consequently, we prefers a multi-dimensional approach tailored for vertical requirements where your products and services fit within a supply chain and your business model.

Technology Revolution

As you are aware, the technologies in the computer industry changes very fast making things obsolete very fast. In the current scenario, implementing new technology is the need of business. In this competitive world, an organization having superior technology has an edge over its competitors. As the organizations grow & the complexity in the business increases, technology helps you a lot to manage your business more effectively.

We are offering a truly Window-based software’s using Microsoft’s Visual Basic as the front end & SQL Server as the back end. Both these software’s are by Microsoft, who are leaders in their field & are widely used to develop medium to large business applications. SQL Server is truly a RDBMS database. As the computer industry is progressing, Microsoft is heavily pursuing in releasing new versions of this software’s. Hence, it can be concluded that this software’s are here to stay & development using them will be a profitable proposition at least 8 to 10 years from now.

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